Introducing the Racial Equity Truthtellers Anthology

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Keecha Harris and Associates, Inc. (KHA) and the Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Environmental Philanthropy (InDEEP) initiative are excited to introduce the Racial Equity Truthtellers blog series.

This anthology series is designed to lift up first-person accounts of racial equity journeys that lead to internal change. The InDEEP initiative is a professional development series that engages a network of foundation staff, including senior leaders, committed to integrating racial equity and social justice throughout their environmental philanthropy

As you explore the series, you will appreciate the uniqueness of each person's account and the work and ownership they invested in getting to their truth. Furthermore, you will begin to understand how change truly happens and the fact that it takes time (a long time in some cases) to see real results adapted and implemented at the personal, institutional, and sectoral levels — but it’s possible!

Our Racial Equity Truthtellers subjects include a variety of individuals: those who have been part of the InDEEP Initiative and others who are external to the Initiative but who have been enlightened on racial equity with a compelling story we wanted to lift up. 

We hope that you are enlightened and moved by these stories as we roll them out. We welcome your thoughts and feedback, and we encourage you to share your personal story along the racial equity journey.

Racial Equity Truthtellers 1: Marselle Alexander-Ozinskas

Racial Equity Truthtellers 2: Mark Muller

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