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Michael Bell is president, chief executive officer and co-founder of InPartnership Consulting Inc., an organizational development and strategic change firm specializing in global cultural competence and leadership development.  He designs state-of-the-art training, leadership development programs and organizational change initiatives for foundations and progressive non-profits. He is an international consultant and executive coach with special expertise in organizational assessment, teambuilding and mentoring programs.  He is an expert in helping organizations understanding their cultures and their need for transformational learning.

A graduate of Cornell University, Michael is also an advanced facilitator using the conflict resolution model of Powerful Non-Defensive Communication (PNDC).

Michael serves as a faculty member for the Rockwood Leadership Institute. This group has convened to teach leaders of progressive non-profits how to powerfully align and inspire themselves and others toward common goals and high-quality results.  He also serves as an advisor to The Network Leaders Innovation Lab.  This multi-year program is designed to help non-profit leaders operate more effectively within and across networks and movements in order to build political power and win on a broad range of progressive issues.  He is a student/practitioner of Forward Stance. A series of physical practices based on the belief that our capacity for movement building rests not only on political alignment, strategy, or opportunity for collaboration; its success requires a capacity to embody a resilient stance and move as one. Forward Stance is a mind-body approach that gets us out of our heads – into our bodies -- and supports our movement to do just that.